Niagara 2022 Canada Games

Branding, Illustration, Art Direction, & Digital Design
Niagara 2022 Canada Games


A brand that will rock the nation.

Agency: Form & Affect
Target Audience:
English and French Canadians, Young Athletes, Potential Sponsors, Sports Fans
Brief:  Accurately represent the spirit of the Niagara 2022 Canada Summer Games and create a brand that complements the Canada Games brand and positively represents the region of Niagara

The Canada Games is a multi-sports event that gathers national attention and brings together the country’s young aspiring athletes. Together with Form & Affect, we derived inspiration from traditional Olympic-style branding and coupled it with its own unique flair to create a brand that is both vibrant, playful, and exhilarating. With the tagline “Once, and For All”, the narrative implies the one time the Niagara games will happen and the impact it holds on the region.

*All work showcased was created for and with the agency Form & Affect for their client "The Canada Games", the brand and all associated collateral, concept to completion, was created in collaboration with them. I acknowledge I am not the sole proprietor.


Brand Design Strategy

With the vibrant color palette and energetic capacity the design approach holds, the brand and all the associated collateral speaks volumes to the tone of the event and the significance it has within Canada. Capturing the attention of many, the brand aims to intrigue target audiences (potential sponsors, athletes, sports enthusiasts) across the country and brings together one of the most anticipated sports events of 2022. The decision to utilize bold imagery, and illustrations, combined with abstract patterns is set out to amplify the motion of sports and the enthusiasm of the games. The logo is a nod to the world renowned and iconic Niagara Falls. The logo displays inclusion, pride, and charisma, while clearly showcasing itself as the catalyst for change through motion defined in the gradient fills representing Niagara’s thundering waters. The logo highlights the movement of sport and the playful spirit of the games, defining a voice for the Niagara 2022 Canada Summer Games.



Turtle-y awesome games icon.

The official Niagara 2022 mascot is Shelly the turtle. The turtle’s 28 small sections surrounding the shell represents the 28th games which Niagara will be, while the 13 large sections of the shell represent Niagara’s 13 municipalities and Canada’s 13 provinces/territories. Shelly will carry the spirit of diligence and persistence; winning the race at the end. The turtle has been a traditional symbol for many First Nations people, who believed the creation of North America was by a turtle. This combination makes the turtle the perfect symbol of the Niagara 2022 Canada Summer Games. The illustrations of Shelly serve as the official mascot design and is heavily featured in many social graphics and videos.


A Campaign that goes the Distance.

Planning to excel the anticipation of the games, the ad campaigns utilizes direct calls to action and wording relative to specific sporting events. The isolated athletes combined with the waves creates a motion of the sport and expresses the emotion of the brand. Directly falling into the heart of Niagara, these ad campaigns will intensify the attention from all viewers. From social media, merchandise, and digital promotion, the brand is featured everywhere in its authentic and bold self. Further promoting the games and making users aware, the symbol and the brand are beautifully featured on all forms of digital media and marketing merchandise. Rectifying the intensity and individuality of the athletes is essential to effective advertising campaigns. Seeing the face of the athletes, representing Canada and the face of Niagara furthers the devotion and spirit of the games. With this strategic design plan, the games will be brought to life through the eyes of the viewer and all those who delve into it.

Diverse, amplifying, monumental, energizing

Niagara 2022 Canada Games

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